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CHEK will lift your game
(2009-04-07 11:41:12)
MOST golfers know that an effective exercise program can prevent injuries and lead to a better golf game.

But not all trainers have a solid understanding of golf. For example, a tennis player wouldn’t dream of going to a football coach to get out of a hitting slump.

A CHEK golf biomechanic focuses on improving function through corrective training.

The only way to improve a golf game is to improve the golfer, and the ways they stretch, swing and train.

Paul Chek, the author of the Golf Biomechanics Manual and founder of the CHEK.

Institute in San Diego, has designed an intensive training program which teaches his techniques with health professionals and golf pros.

Chek is one of the most sought after conditioning and rehabilitation consultants in the world.

He is respected because he promotes proper self conditioning and training, and because his cutting edge techniques also prevent more injuries.

Advanced technologies and larger club heads allow less skillful players to hit the sweet spot, which is good news, but look closer and you will find it also increases the likelihood of spinal injuries, lower back pain and elbow overuse and inconsistency.

To improve swing patterns and reduce injury, golfers need to create motor program developments which safely improve long game power without sacrificing short game stability.

If you are interested in playing better golf and working on yourself, book a session with a CHEK golf biomechanic at the RPM Health Club.

If you don’t improve your golf power and mobility, you will get your money back.
*Hayden Rhodes is the RPM Health Club Manager and a qualified CHEK Golf Biomechanic.