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Aussie consulate wins wider powers
(2009-03-09 15:41:19)
AUSTRALIANS wanting to renew their passports will no longer have to spend
thousands of baht traveling to Bangkok.

Phuket’s honorary Australian consul, Larry Cunningham, will soon be able to renew unexpired passports here on the island.

Mr Cunningham said the majority of Australians renewing passports in Thailand came from Phuket.

“Having a consulate here which can renew passports will save those people the time and expense of traveling to Bangkok,” he said.

“We have recently completed our training course, and we should be accredited within three months.”

Mr Cunningham said the decision to give the Phuket consulate passport renewing powers was made in November last year at a Regional Management Conference attended by consular officials from all over Asia.

But he said the Phuket consulate would only be able to renew adult’s passports which had not already expired.

“We won’t be able to renew expired passports, replace lost passports or children’s passports,” he said.

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