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Currently, brand names are an advertisement, a marketing and a merchandise creation that interests both elegance and product groups grouped by customer. The segments that are separate and unique mingle more and more. Until now, skin care was considered the site of the elegance Is That Chic market and personal care products such as toothpastes and feminine hygiene only lived in CPGs. However, companies such as the premium brand of elegance, the agent Nateur, skin care brands, Farmacy and Kopari, as well as erotic wellness lines like Lola and the Honies Pot strive attract each side, usually with brands creative relevance. as well designed. The unit eventually pushed traditionally unhinged personalized care products into component development, design, advertising and marketing. The agent Nateur, launched in 2014 with organic deodorants at twenty-one dollars, decided to promote its merchandise in the form of eau de toilette so that you can express your thought of the high class and the high quality, as described by Jena Covello, initiator and top dog of the Nateur agent. The emblem at the moment is sold at Pink Gray, Chemical. E. Bigelow and the detoxification market. In 2017, she also expanded her profile to include bath products and more common body products, with toning, serum and natural powder with unmanageable elegance. In the first half of 2019, the brand's revenue grew by 400% a year, partly since the brand launched three new services: cutting gas, bath gas and a system of elegance offering the best offer in 03. To share his thoughts on the merger of elegance with CPG, the agent Nateur has tried to create a marketing presence on social networks with components such as augmentation, coconut gas and sandalwood.

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