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Free Content for News Readers and Webs Sites

Phuket Post is pleased to provide our headlines free to you to view in your preferred news reader. allow you to customize the content that you see there by adding RSS feeds such as ours. Further, you can use these headlines on your own web site, subject to our terms of service.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, a standard that allows content publishers to syndicate their content for use by others. Typically these RSS feeds are used by newsreader programs or by code running on websites that is specifically configured to read the RSS format.

We currently offer a feed of our Top Stories in two formats: RSS and JS (Javascript).

The simplest - though least configurable - way to use this feed on your web site is via the javascript method. Copy and paste this code into your web page:

To use the RSS feed in another feed consumer, like a stand-alone newsreader program or even your own web site as a feed-consuming client, use this URL:

To hire a web developer to help with the integrating these feeds into your site, see PapayaSoft,, or H3 Digital