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Even with the current advances in spatial composition and dynamic Using Resveratrol Products characteristics of the microorganisms incorporated in the resources, the microbial localization in complex three-dimensional geometries animations remains an important challenge. We illustrate a way of printing animations bulksupplements hyaluronic acid powder to generate practical resources created from germs by incorporating a natural and varied metabolism of germs as well as the flexibility of the style of form of the production of articles. To do this, we have embedded seeds into a biocompatible and functionalized animation print printer and printed two types of "living resources" that can degrade toxins and create clinically-linked microbial cellulose. Using this functional seed print podium, complex resources displaying spatially specific compositions, geometries and properties that do not have access to common technology could be assembled from the bottom up for new biotechnology and biomedical programs. Here, we have installed an animation printing podium to allow the digital fabrication of autonomous hydrogels, mobile or portable, with a total control of the spatial distribution and energetic tissues or microbes in complex architectures allowing you to realize - even animations. As a result, we are developing and focusing on a living printer, called "Flink", a biocompatible immobilization carrier that has the viscoelastic properties essential for printing animated animations of various tissues through the creation of direct printers from multiple materials. The freedom of form and composition afforded by this printing technique is combined with the metabolic reaction of microbes 3D printing of that allows the digital fabrication of living resources created with germs and with unmatched characteristics, such as adaptable driving, pollutant degradation and creation. frameworks by means of cellulose.